Take a look.

Spot the deliberate mistake?

Take your time.

Here’s the answer. The United States Consulate in Jerusalem’s website is Judenrein.

You would think that Jerusalem was an Arab city and not the capital of the State of Israel.

Is this a deliberate policy of the Obama administration or have the anti-Zionists in the State Department taken over the website?

The United States still refuses to recognise Jerusalem as the capital of Israel (even though this is dubious under the Embassy Act of 1995). But it appears to have gone even further and recognised it as the capital of an, as yet, non existent state of Palestine.

OK. The Consulate may claim that it is a separate entity from the Israeli Embassy and deals specifically with Jerusalem, the West Bank and Gaza; but the consulate is actually located in the Old City which has  a Jewish majority (and had one until 1948 when the Jordanians expelled every Jew and demolished all the synagogues).

And, by the way, East Jerusalem also had a majority Jewish population until Jews were driven out and massacred in 1929. (And, by the way, a similar situation existed in Hebron which was a Jewish city for hundreds of years before being ethnically cleansed in the 1929 riots and massacres).

All this is consistent with the myth of an Arab majority East Jerusalem as the long-term de facto capital of Palestine. The truth is that East Jerusalem only had an Arab majority when the Jews were kicked out and Palestinians moved into Jewish areas after 1948.

But history before 1948 appears to have been conveniently air-brushed to accommodate Arab and Palestinian claims which seek also to do some air-brushing which involves the denial of any connection of Jews to the land and especially to Jerusalem.

The US Consulate would do well to consider Jewish sensitivities for a change.