• Pastaneta

    Until this vile antisemite is on the council, I’ll boycott all Scottish products.

  • owainglyndwr1416

    IDF were asked why didn’t they use Tear gas against the protesters instead of live rounds and their reply was that it would have been a breach of international law .. Isn’t using live fire instead a breach of international law ??   By the way ,,The two Palestinians who allegedly confessed to the Fogel murders were tortured by Shin Bet .. They are innocent .. The news stories are as one might say is “Typical Zionist lies” which we have heard before like the Lavon affair or the USS Liberty crime against humanity to the Holocaust which no doubt the Zionists were behind and 911 .. People are waking up and when they do there will be Hell to pay !!  

  • http://www.raymondcook.net Ray Cook