7th December

Machpelah, kever Rochel, Kotel have no connection to the Jewish people or history; there never was a Temple, let alone two. What can the Jews do about that? There are only 20m of us and we tend not to commit random mass murder or threaten it when we are ‘offended’ or ‘dishonoured’.

So no-one does anything to counter these offenses against the Jewish people. But declare a patent fact as true and cal out the Emperor and his new clothes and a millions of people can be motivated to threaten violence because it has always worked in the past.

We can’t live by appeasing terror – did we not learn that lesson already?

28th December


And at number 2.

“… a June edition of Sky News’ press preview, during which journalist Melanie Phillips made comments about Muslims that were considered inflammatory.”

One wonders how many complaints there were or would have been about someone making ‘inflammatory’ remarks about ‘Zionists’.

I guess the truth can be inflammatory to those who have a predisposition to being inflamed. It’s a shame there is no Ibuleve (other medications are available) of the soul.

Jan 3rd 2018

Re McMafia, [BBC Thriller series] for those who doubt the story, James Marriott in the Times:

“The real Ludmilla’s fate was even more appalling than the show lets on. She was forced to work seven day weeks in an Israeli brothel and was raped about twenty times every night.”

However, one wonders why this particular serialisation where Jews and Israelis are shown to be part of an international network of gangsters, money launderers, people traffickers spread across the globe, was so favoured by the BBC.

So far, for me, the whole thing is utterly unconvincing. The lead, Alex Godman, played by James Norton, loves his uncle and father dearly, but they are two such unpleasant characters with so little in common with the suave Godman, his affection is a little puzzling. Then we have a corrupt Knesset member who is a major player in this gangster network and has an unnerving resemblance to Eddie Jordan along with an unplaceable accent.

I have to try to control my natural urge to shout ‘demonisation!’ followed by ‘antisemitic trope!’ and a good helping of ‘why do Jews in dramas always wear pyramidal kippot at levayas?!’

But, it’s only drama, nu? Yes, but it is also an interesting insight to widely held prejudices about the nature of the State of Israel and some of its institutions. Stereotypes roam unhindered across the screen and these are not restricted to Jews; Indians, Eastern Europeans, Russians, Bedouin and Arabs all receive the treatment. Why should we be so special?

January 21st

As predicted, the “Labour Party’ has begun its purges, as one would expect from a party infused with Marxists who probably idolise Stalin.

It’s all kicking off in Haringey where those who are not part of the approved Groupthink have been deselected. More councils and MPs will follow, especially the Jewish Zionists – they have little chance of survival unless they can summon up their last drops of cringing submission to the Great Leader and settle for being supernumeraries in a North Korean style cult.

Running a major London council along the lines of a Soviet partkom dictated by a Socialist Nomenklatura might be a blessing in disguise for the real Socialists in the party. It could demonstrate that seeking democratic control by undemocratic means to impose ideologies on social democratic and capitalist structures just will not work.

It might also cause the rift that I hope will happen with the creation of a new centrist social democratic party and leave the Trots to carry on with the Jew haters and right-on politically correct New Puritans.

Haringey should be a red flag and red line for those of the Zio persuasion who have held on in the delusional belief that the only way they can change the party is by internal persuasion. Those of us who have, for years, observed the anti-Zionism and antisemitism of the far Left and its fellow Hamas and Hezbollah admiring fellow-travellers, if they haven’t already done so, should now gracefully withdraw and try to create something else.

The party is over.

January 28th

The worm is turning:

“Most Labour council leaders in England and Wales have signed a joint letter fiercely attacking the Momentum-controlled committee that runs their own party.

In the letter, published exclusively in today’s Sunday Times, leaders of almost 70 councils, including Manchester, Birmingham, Newcastle and many London boroughs, say the actions of Labour’s ruling national executive committee (NEC) are “dangerous and alarming”, “uncomradely and disrespectful” and “an affront to the basic principles of democracy”.

Earlier this month, the NEC acquired a secure pro-Corbyn and Momentum majority after three members of the hard-left group, including its leader, Jon Lansman, won seats on the body.

Last week, the committee voted to tell Labour-controlled Haringey council in north London to halt a controversial £2bn housing scheme fiercely opposed by Momentum.

In their letter, the leaders say: “We wish to make it clear to the NEC that it has no right or justification to interfere in or influence the legitimate actions of locally elected representatives.”

https://www.thetimes.co.uk/…/labour-councils-defy-momentum-… (£)