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J’Accuse the Sunday Times of fabulist journalism : Israel’s alleged attack on Sudanese arms factory

Earlier this week there were reports from the Sudanese capital, Khartoum, of explosions at an arms factory in the outskirts of the city.

It was not long before the Sudanese were accusing Israel of bombing the facility. Israel remained mum.

In the past Israel has been accused of firing on a convoy carrying arms across Sudan to be delivered ultimately to Hamas in Gaza and behind this arms route is none other than Iran.

It would be entirely feasible for Israel to undertake such an operation. By supplying sophisticated weapons to a terrorist group bent on the destruction of Israel, Sudan is fair game.

However, there is little hard evidence. Iran claims to have discovered remnants of Israeli munitions at the factory site.

Most news outlets ask the question: ‘Did Israel bomb Sudan?’. This is a valid question to ask.

Some, though, have blatant headlines which claim this to be a fact. It cannot be a fact until there is independent evidence or an admission. Anything else is speculation. It may be well-founded, it may even be blindingly obvious who did it, but it is not journalistic fact.

Uzi Mahnaimi, an Israeli reporter for the Sunday Times, along with colleague Flora Bagenal in Nairobi (yes, you may well ask ‘ who?’) appear to have detailed information about the attack. For them there is no question, no journalistic caution about accusing Israel. They have every detail of this covert operation.

Problem is, they do not reference one source or one shred of evidence. The whole story reads very suspiciously. You can tell when journalists are making it up.

The online article is behind a paywall. The whole article is strongly editorialised including the headline: “Israeli jets bomb Sudan missile site in dry run for Iran attack” (or in the paper edition: Israel hits missile site in dry run for Iran’) so that we can draw the conclusion, if we are stupid enough, that Israel chose to bomb Sudan not because it was defending itself from an arms production and smuggling route originating in Iran but because it fancied having a practice run for a future putative bombing of that country.

Not only are our correspondents certain that Israel is to blame but the ST even gives us exciting comic-book graphics of the incident and the numbers and types of aircraft involved and the route the planes took, how they were refuelled and how the Sudanese air-traffic control and radar system was jammed.

The piece ends in American action movie style with Israel’s chief of defence staff (who Uzi knows was actually taking part in the mission, of course) calling Prime Minister Netanyahu at home with the words, ‘”All went well, … the guys are on their way home'”.

Now how the heck would he know that? Has he bugged Netanyahu’s phone? It’s ridiculous and also the main giveaway that this is pure fantasy masquerading as journalism.

It’s not the first time Uzi has been caught with his journalistic pants down; here is the Wikipedia entry (redacted to remove references to numbered notes and other links) about Israel’s supposed, but now proven to be a hoax, ‘ethnic bomb’.

In November 1998, The Sunday Times reported that Israel was attempting to build an “ethno-bomb” containing a biological agent that could specifically target genetic traits present amongst Arab populations. Wired News also reported the story, as did Foreign Report.

The article was quickly denounced as a hoax. Microbiologists and geneticists were skeptical towards the scientific plausibility of such a biological agent. The New York Post, describing the claims as “blood libel”, reported that the likely source for the story was a work of science fiction by Israeli academic Doron Stanitsky. Stanitsky had sent his completely fictional work about such a weapon to Israeli newspapers two years before. The article also noted the views of genetic researchers who claimed the idea as “wholly fantastical”, with others claiming that the weapon was theoretically possible.

A planned second installment of the article never appeared, and no sources were ever identified. Neither of the authors of the Sunday Times story, Uzi Mahnaimi and Marie Colvin, have spoken publicly on the matter.

It seems that Uzi has a record of shoddy journalism and, on the ethnic bomb story, he and his late colleague, Marie Colvin, no friend of Israel, were more than ready to publish unfounded trash simply because maligning Israel was involved.

Mahnaimi is well known for producing exclusives about Israel to the attention of Sunday Times readers.

I wonder where his sources are?

Abbas supports the perpetrators of genocide

Title Updated after fair criticism)

Yet again I am indebted to palwatch.org for this story

Palestinian Authority Chairman Mahmoud Abbas has expressed his personal support for the president of Sudan, Omar Hassan Al-Bashir, who is accused of being responsible for the genocide in Darfur. In a letter to the Sudanese president, Abbas wrote that he and Palestinians “have complete faith in the wisdom of President Omar Al-Bashir.”

In 2008, evidence was presented in the International Criminal Court of Justice that showed that “Al-Bashir committed the crimes of genocide, crimes against humanity and war crimes in Darfur.” The crimes against humanity include “murder, extermination, forcible transfer, torture and rape.” [http://www.icc-cpi.int accessed Dec. 8, 2010] Warrants for his arrest have been issued by the International Criminal Court.

Those who bang on about Israel committing genocide whilst Palestinian numbers are growing should think carefully before they throw their support behind people like Abbas who is prepared to support the perpetrator of the greatest genocide of recent years.

In supporting Bashir, Abbas and all Arab leaders and those around the world who don’t just keep silent but actually support him, are accessories to genocide.

Sudan, the convoy and who the real terrorist states are in the Middle East

Outgoing Israeli Prime Minister Ehud Olmert has dropped a very big hint that earlier this year, probably January, the Israeli Air Force (IAF) bombed a convoy of illegal arms on its way to Gaza from Tehran via Sudan and Egypt.

As with the alleged bombing of a Syrian nuclear plant the countries involved are reluctant to admit anything happened because it shows them up for what they are – terrorist states.

It seems there as a cosy little alliance of murderers and genocides (both actual and aspirational) consisting of Iran, Hezbollah, Hamas, Syria and Sudan.

A Sudanese minister, Mabrook Mubarak Saleem told an Arabic news channel that many had been killed in the air strike. Arutz Sheva reports:

a Sudanese spokesman claimed that “more than 100 people” had been killed in the air raid, which he termed “a genocide, committed by U.S. forces.”

When asked how he knew the attackers were American, the spokesman said: “We don’t differentiate between the U.S. and Israel. They are all one.”

This man’s contempt for the word ‘genocide’ in whatever language he was using is an indication of the mentaliy of these atrocious people in the Sudanese government who make Mugabe look like a benevolent democrat.

Meanwhile his government is committing genocide in Darfur supported by the Iranian axis of evil.

Meanwhile Iran WANTS to commit genocide in Israel.

Meanwhile Hamas WANTS to commit genocide in Israel.

Meanwhile Hezbollah WANTS to commit genocide in Israel.

What an attractive little group of murdering, Jew-hating, fanatical, tyrannical,  warmongers they are.

Hey, maybe we can talk to them and persuade them to talk about peace and reconciliation.

Hey, maybe they are really quite nice people with a grievance.

Hey, maybe if we gave the Palestinians a homeland they’d all settle down and turn to stamp collecting.

Hey, maybe if we gave the Palestinians a homeland they would pursue democracy, peace, education, equality for all their citizens, including women; maybe they wouldn’t teach their children to hate, to glorify murder, to corrupt their own religion.

Hey, maybe if we gave the Palestinians a homeland they wouldn’t continue in their stated objective of destroying Israel.

Hey,  maybe Iran really is just developing a nuclear energy programme.

Hey, maybe they wouldn’t dream of threatening Israel and the West with a nuclear weapon.

Hey, maybe Israel isn’t a terrorist state after all.

Hey, maybe Israel is the front line against these these monsters.

Hey, maybe we can learn from Israel how to defend the free world.


Cheer leading for genocide

Whilst President Omar al-Bashir thumbs his nose at the ICC and world opinion, Iran and Hamas have rushed to Khartoum in a solidarity mission.

These two august regimes have denounced the International Criminal Court’s warrant. These are the same regimes who accuse Israel of genocide of the Palestinians.

There is no doubt that the Sudanese government and its supporter’s activities in Darfur represent the clearest example of genocide and war crimes imaginable. But Iran is sending the speaker of their parliament, Ali Larijani whilst Hamas have despatched Moussa Abu Marzouk their second in command in Damascus.

After the ICC warrant  was announced, al-Bashir expelled foreign aid workers further exacerbating the humanitarian crisis in Darfur, an act itself which could be considered a crime against humanity. 2.7 million people have been forced out of their homes and villages. Hundreds of thousands have been killed. Tens of thousands of women and young girls raped. 

By supporting such a regime Iran and Hamas show their true colours.  Yet we still have people in this country (UK) and around the world who believe them to be a bulwark against the West, the vanguard of anti-Zionism and the heroes of Islam. 

Meanwhile, the BBC has reported here that the Arab League us asking the UN to defer the warrant for a year.

But look who Sudan’s biggest supporter is. None other than the Tibet-annexing, freedom-suppressing Chinese government who effectively have aligned themselves with Hamas and Iran by complaining to Ban Ki-moon about the warrant and then blocking a French security council statement. For the Chinese their strategic interests in Africa are more important than the lives of millions of Africans – no surprise there.

Meanwhile, on March 3rd, the Libyan ambassador to the UN compared Gaza to Nazi concentration camps. The double standards of the Arab League and many Islamic regimes on the question of Darfur are breathtaking in their hypocrisy.

The Muslim refugees who want to get INTO Israel

In Darfur, Sudan, as the world is well aware, there has been a genocidal assault on the region’s population by the Afro-Arab Islamists who rule the country. Most Darfurians are Muslim. It is difficult to estimate numbers killed but they are in the hundreds of thousands and at least 2 million have been displaced and reside in refugee camps in neighbouring Chad or at the mercy of the Janjaweed militia within Sudan itself.

It is no exaggeration to say that this horror is the clearest and most terrible example of genocide and ethnic cleansing in the world in the past 10 years, yet it receives relatively little attention from the world and its media.

The Arab and Muslim world, which you would have thought would be making strenuous efforts to end this conflict and the murder and rape of hundreds of thousands of its fellow Muslims, just sits on its hands. Why? Well the Muslim world doesn’t exactly have a great track record when it comes to defending Muslims being murdered by other Muslims (Iran-Iraq, Afghanistan, Pakistan, Palestine for example). 

So why do I write about this on a blog about Israel?

Well, for one, the plight of the Palestinians, especially in Gaza, has attracted an unprecedented wave of anti-Israel, anti-Zionist and Jew hatred across the world. There have been marches, convoys of  aid (Viva Palestina being a case in point), attacks on Jews and Jewish property in many countries, and widespread media vilification of Israel. Yet the comparison between what is happening in Darfur and what is happening in Israel shows a gross exaggeration and a gross misfit between the level of hate spewed out in Israel’s direction compared to what should be an even greater level of hate and outrage directed at the Sudanese government.

But listen to this: you are a Sudanese Muslim surrounded by Muslim countries. You want to leave Sudan and seek refuge elsewhere so you can rebuild your life and save your family. Where would you go? How about Israel? Yes, Israel, that so-called racist apartheid state that everyone is so fond of demonizing. Hundreds of Sudanese Muslims, who are citizens of an enemy state, are arriving in Israel after being smuggled across the border with Egypt. 

Why do they want to come to Israel and what happens to them when they arrive there?

Firstly, Egypt, a Muslim state, has a policy of returning all Sudanese refugees. No absorption centres in Egypt then, just wretched camps where Sudanese wait to be repatriated to almost certain death as they are sent straight back into the hands of their oppressors.

So the Sudanese move on and cross illegally into Israel where they are at first detained as enemies of the state. But they are treated humanely, picked up by the IDF and taken to holding camps awating judgement. Human rights groups, lawyers and many sympathetic Israelis have fought for these people to be allowed to stay. The Sudanese goverment meanwhile states that any Sudanese citizen who has sought refuge in Israel and returns will be considered a Mossad spy and executed – nice.

Israel, under the International Laws, that everyone seems to believe it so flagrantly breaches as a matter of national policy, is obliged to absorb them. Many can now be found working on kibbutzim and moshavim. So let me spell this out to the ‘Israel is racist/apartheid’ brigade. BLACK MUSLIM SUDANESE REFUGEES ARE BEING GIVEN REFUGE AND WORK IN ISRAEL. I capitalise that to hammer home the point.

But wait, there are several problems. If Israel is seen as an easy touch, will it not be invaded by Sudanese hordes. Israel is a small country unable to absorb so many foreigners. And they are Muslims; what about demographic time-bombs and all that?  

These questions must wait whilst Israel abides by its oblgations to genuine refugees. They will not be held for 60 years in ‘refugee camps’, those that stay will be absorbed, taught Hebrew, given shelter, work, a home, safety and respect. Oh yes, there are racists in Israel too who don’t want more immigrants especially more Muslims, but they forget when they too were refugees from genocide, they forget their own people’s Exodus from Egypt.

The canard that is trotted out by all the anti-Zionists is that only Jews are allowed to emigrate to Israel, that Israel is an apartheid state. So why would it allow in black people? Why would it allow in Muslims? How many Sudanese has Syria or Lebanon or Jordan or Saudi Arabia or Libya allowed in? How many Iran?