On Naksa day, June 5th, Palestinians and Arabs have recently decided to commemorate the day that the 6 Day War started and which they lost. The war that led to the loss of the West Bank, Gaza, the Golan Heights and the Sinai Peninsula.

On Sunday hundreds of Syrians tried to cross the Israeli border at Majdal Shams and Quneitra.

After the experience of the Nakba Day riots on the same border the IDF were better prepared to repulse these invaders.

Various news reports from Israel (foreign reporting is not allowed in Syria) showed images of the IDF firing live ammunition and tear gas.

Syria has reported 20 dead and 350 injured.

Israel is condemned again.

The Israelis say their procedure was to fire over the heads of the rioters, then fire tear gas, where that was practical, and if all else failed, to fire at the legs of the invaders.

I have seen no evidence that the IDF killed a single invader.

Reports say that the Syrians were stupid enough to throw Molotov cocktails towards the border which started fires which led to Syrian landmines exploding and causing injuries.

Yet we have not seen a single Syrian news report of these casualties, their funerals, interviews etc (as far as I know).

Because the media accept the word of a Syrian regime currently involved in murdering hundreds of its own citizens and repeat this over and over, it is now accepted wisdom that Israel killed ‘innocent’ Syrians.

So where are the Israeli efforts to rebut these reports?

Why do they allow these lies, if lies they be, to propagate?

Where is there version of events? Where the news conference?

It’s the Mavi Marmara all over again.

No doubt in a year’s time we’ll see the evidence that no-one was killed by Israelis. When it’s too late and the damage is already done.

When will they ever learn?