• Adamlevick

    Excellent post, Ray! Thanks. I don’t follow BBC as closely as I’d like to, but they definitely seem to be in the same league as the Guardian. 

  • http://www.raymondcook.net Ray Cook

    Thanks, Adam, you have your work cut out with the Guardian. BBC not as bad, but still bad enough.

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  • Sjc1970

    thanks for putting your point off view across and in an unbiased way(sarcasm). Any state sponsored program that deliberately enforces assasination is a murderous state in league with evil doers from Hamas and Fatah and others within different regions. It is the civillians who pay as you so rightly spoke off. Just get it over with and wipe the Palestinian civilians and millitants from the West Bank and Gaza so that your populace may finish stealing foriegn lands.

  • David Menashy

    Wonderfully put Ray, one to cut out and keep.

  • http://www.raymondcook.net Ray Cook

    Just a couple of points:

    ‘my populace’ – I’m not Israeli
    As for stealing Gaza – you may recall that Israel evacuated ALL its citizens from their several years ago and all it received in response was a barrage of hundreds of rockets – a barrage which continues.

  • Freddy55

    I once wrote to the BBC, complaining of their continued anti-Israel bias and the poisonous views of their correspondent Orla Guerin(amongst others). All I received was a comment on the lines of “We don’t believe the BBC are anti-Israel”……..BULL****!!!