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Palestinian genocide exposed

Well that grabbed your attention and may have brought you to this page under a false pretence.

I’m sorry.

The world, and especially the Arab and Muslim world, appears top believe, or at least promulgates the belief, that Israel is intent on the genocide of the Palestinian people. If it is, it is going about it an a very strange way.

For example, has an interesting, and may I say, heart-warming, article on a positive aspect of Israeli-Palestinian relations that you won’t hear or read about on the BBC or in the annals of Israel’s detractors.

The article, written in January 2009, describes how Israel “routinely” (which I infer means very frequently) admits patients from the Palestinian Authority into Israel hospitals AND Israel pays for the treatment.

Now, I also reported recently how  the PA Health Minister has closed the door on the PA funding the transfer of patients to Israeli hospitals since Operation Cast Lead purely for political purposes. This decision will lead to the unnecessary deaths of Palestinians because the PA, Israel’s ‘peace partner’ places political gestures above the health of its own people.

But the Israelity story predates this and deals with cases where ISRAEL pays, not the PA.

This is not emergency assistance. Israel is supplying hospitals in Ramallah and Bethlehem (both inside the PA administered territory) with software developed in Israel called i-Rox. But most extraordinary is the fact that the software was developed in Bnei Barak, an ultra-orthodox town near Tel Aviv, by ultra-orthodox Jews, the very people who are often believed to be most extreme in their views on Palestinians and Palestinian self-determination. The company is deliberately and purposefully adding functionality to the software  so that the Israeli and PA Health Ministries can share data for mutual benefit.

If you are sceptical, the Israelity article cites a World Health Organization PDF document (reporting for 2006-7) which states that 60,000 Palestinians from the PA authority controlled area were treated in Israel in that year and 20,000 actually hospitalised. It also mentions 5,000 Gazans receiving similar treatment of which 2,000 were hospitalised. The Figure includes 2,500 children being treated for long-term illnesses such as cancer.

The article concludes:

As far as Israel providing services to PA hospitals, “Public health laboratories at the Israel Ministry of Health continue to regularly provide assistance to the Palestinian Health Authority in the way of laboratory tests for poliomyelitis, measles, mumps, influenza and other viral diseases,” the report says. Israel – via the health funds and the Health Ministry – continued those tests throughout the year, “in spite of the fact that the Palestinian Authority delays or halts payments.”

Does this sound like genocide?

Does this sound like Israel targeting children? which is the mantra of the Hamas and many other detractors of Israel and Zionism around the world.

You can read the whole article here.

The Palestinian Authority’s Crimes against (its own) humanity

Following my previous post here Arutz Sheva today reported the results of the P.A’s decision not to fund hospital treatment in Israel for its citizens.

This decision by P.A. health minister Fathi Abu Moughli was as a result of Operation Cast Lead and is testimony to the perverted mindset which believes that such an action would harm Israel and remove a propaganda opportunity. Anything which reveals Israel to be in any way humanitarian is to be deplored, according to the P.A’s warped logic.

The Arutz Sheva report is very disturbing:

A decision by the Palestinian Authority Health Minister to cut off medical benefits at Israeli hospitals has cost the life of at least one little girl…

Six-year-old Asil Manasra died. The Palestinian Authority child had for eight months been receiving intensive treatment at an Israeli hospital for complications arising from tuberculosis. One week after the PA Health Ministry forced her family to stop the visits, the little girl struggled for breath no more..

It continues:

“I blame everyone. Should children die because of political decisions?” Asil’s father asked the AP reporter in anguish. “How can you stop treatment? When a child is so sick that she is going to die, is there something more important than that?”

Apparently, for the Palestinian Authority, propaganda is more important than life.  This is a sad fact of Palestinian life – it, life itself,  is only valued if taken by Israelis. Otherwise, Palestinian lives are pawns in a political and ideological game.

Read the whole sad story here

The PA’s sick logic

I recently wrote about how many Palestinians have sought medical treatment in Israel.

Now Israel’s ‘peace partners’ cannot bear that Israel might be seen in a good light. So what do they do? They further emiserate the lives of their own people:

The Palestinian Authority has announced that it will stop sending sick Arabs to Israeli hospitals and will cut off funds to local residents who use Israeli medical facilities. “Israel cannot be allowed to render medical aid at the same time it is killing us,” said PA Health Minister Fathi abu Marlee.

So reports Arutz Sheva today. So yet again the Palestinian leadership not only fails its own people but blatantly uses them in its propaganda battle against Israel. It would rather they die than be treated by Israelis.


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