Following my previous post here Arutz Sheva today reported the results of the P.A’s decision not to fund hospital treatment in Israel for its citizens.

This decision by P.A. health minister Fathi Abu Moughli was as a result of Operation Cast Lead and is testimony to the perverted mindset which believes that such an action would harm Israel and remove a propaganda opportunity. Anything which reveals Israel to be in any way humanitarian is to be deplored, according to the P.A’s warped logic.

The Arutz Sheva report is very disturbing:

A decision by the Palestinian Authority Health Minister to cut off medical benefits at Israeli hospitals has cost the life of at least one little girl…

Six-year-old Asil Manasra died. The Palestinian Authority child had for eight months been receiving intensive treatment at an Israeli hospital for complications arising from tuberculosis. One week after the PA Health Ministry forced her family to stop the visits, the little girl struggled for breath no more..

It continues:

“I blame everyone. Should children die because of political decisions?” Asil’s father asked the AP reporter in anguish. “How can you stop treatment? When a child is so sick that she is going to die, is there something more important than that?”

Apparently, for the Palestinian Authority, propaganda is more important than life.  This is a sad fact of Palestinian life – it, life itself,  is only valued if taken by Israelis. Otherwise, Palestinian lives are pawns in a political and ideological game.

Read the whole sad story here