The Arab League meeting in Qatar has come up with an ultimatum for Israel. No negotiations, just a restatement of how it believes Israel should agree to its own destruction. If Israel does not agree to its own destruction the generous offer will be withdrawn. This ultimatum is based on the 2002 Saudi “peace initiative”.

1. Israel withdraw to 1967 borders.

No mention of security – just a unilateral withdrawal from the Golan, the West Bank and East Jerusalem.

2. Israel agrees to accept back “war refugees”.

So let’s see, the Arabs will decide who is a war refugee going back to 1948 and presumably all their descendants. Of course this would mean the influx of about 2 million Palestinians. Where would they go? Why would they want to be residents of Israel? The answer is simple: destroy Israel demographically. Apart from the crippling effect on the Israeli economy, apart from the obvious dangers to Jewish Israelis of allowing in 2 million people, many of whom are sworn to destroy them, apart from the fact they will be able to establish a political bloc that will quickly destroy the Jewish majority and therefore the very basis of a Jewish state and Zionism itself.

But this is what they want to do, of course, and this is what much of the world wants to see. State Number 1: Israel, a democracy where Jews and Muslims and Christians etc. can live together in peace and harmony until the Muslims become the majority.  State Number 2: a Judenrein Palestinian Muslim state with a Christian minority under siege and where Jews will not be welcome or choose to live at their peril.

This will lead to State Number 3: a confederation of States 1 and 2 called Palestine where Jews will be a minority, their property confiscated, the democratic government overthrown, Jews banned from public office, Jews driven into the sea, Jews murdered etc. etc. End of the Zionist dream.

Meanwhile Israel today is called ‘”apartheid” and “racist” but the PA and a future Palestinian state will not be? After all the Jews will have deserved everything they get for their 100+ year struggle to defend themselves and find a few thousand square kilometres of land where they can exercise self-determination in their ancestral homeland.

No one will cry for the Israeli Jews as their remnants make their way to America and Europe where they will face a growing Islamist threat and once again become a persecuted minority in the lands of their great grandparents or swell the former “Israel lobby” which will now be honestly called the “Jewish lobby”.

3. Israeli acceptance of a Palestinian Arab state on the West Bank and Gaza with Jerusalem as its capital.

This, at least, is approaching reasonable, but to make any part of Jerusalem Judenrein, as no doubt would happen, is not negotiable. When in history has a single, small city been the capital of two countries? See points 1 and 2 above. All part of the Palestinian master plan to deligitimize Israel and the centrality of Jerusalem as the capital of a Jewish state.

If Israel agrees to all three points of the ultimatum the Arab states would begin a peace agreement with Israel and “consider the Arab-Israeli” conflict ended. Well they might do. Israel would effectively be destroyed. And what of the jihadis and wahabis, the terrorists and the Islamists who will pour across Israel’s borders to wreak havoc on its cities? Would Palestine guarantee Israel’s safety? Would thay stop Hamas? Hezbollah? Islamic Jihad? Al Qaeda? Iran? and every other genocidal nut from finishing the job of eviscerating Israel.

So thank you Arab League. What a wonderful plan for peace and security. Peace and security for everyone except Israelis, that is.