On the BBC news site home there is a link which reads:
Palestinian killed in demolition

What?! My reaction was – “Oh no”, they’ve demolished a house with someone inside it and killed them.

But no. Nothing of the sort.

Israeli police have shot dead a Palestinian motorist in East Jerusalem who drove at them while they were carrying out a home demolition.

Ahh! So a potentially lethal attack on Israeli police is turned into a headline which clearly states that someone was killed as a result of the demolition.

The demolition in question was that of the house of Hussam Dwayat who killed 3 people in a bulldozer attack in Jerusalem in July 2008.

Now, whatever you think about house demolitions, it is clear that the BBC headline writer has seriously skewed the truth. Anyone who is not bothered to read the story will just think it’s another Israeli atrocity story.

I have complained to the BBC. I await their response.