There have been a number of outstanding and some amusing rejoinders to the Channel 4’s “Dispatches: Inside the Israel Lobby” which illustrate, as I said yesterday, what a pile of doo-doo the programme was.

Some of these commentators point out how dangerous it is to trot out the usual tropes of shadowy rich Jews manipulating  government and the media, and how close this sort of defamation is to 1930’s Nazi propaganda. Of course it is nothing like as virulent but it is, nevertheless, malign and panders to the worst type of conspiracy theorist, anti-Semite and anti-Zionist tendencies in British society whilst ignoring far more sinister and dangerous elements. In this respect, the treatment here of the Israel Lobby is the same as much treatment in the media of Israel itself: a crass, disproportionate, obsessive demonization, twisted half-truths and downright lies.

Here are some links to the responses to which I refer:

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