With Avram Grant, an Israeli, leading Portsmouth out against Chelsea in the FA Cup final next month, I am sure that the BDS people will be running on to the pitch to stop the match, heckling the team coach as at arrives with the horrible spectacle of an Israeli on board.

He will be accused of representing a state that murders children, of  being a warmonger. Well that’s what happens now to Israelis in the UK going about their business be they musicians, academics, politicians, sportspersons or entertainers. So why should Avram not get the treatment?

Well maybe it’s because he represents the largest religious group in England – football fans.

Avram Grant, son of Holocaust survivors, attended the March of the Living in Auschwitz-Birkenau earlier this week. A sober reminder of the genocide Israel’s enemies want to emulate. And those nice BDS people are keen to help the process along.