Ambassador Leshno Yaar put Israel’s case and told the true story of the Mavi Marmara at the UN Human Rights Council earlier this week.

He reminded the UNHCR of its obsession with Israel.

He describes the 40 ‘hard core activists’  from the IHH who had planned their attack in advance.

He describes the concern of the captain of the ship who said that the IHH were preparing for violence.

He describes how the IIH goal was to reach Gaza or to die as martyrs.

He describes how the IHH were not interested in humanitarian aid. Three of the ships had no aid watsoever.

He describes how Hamas blocked the aid which Israel wanted to send through.

He describes how there was very little food aid on any ship.

He describes how a Lebanese national aboard the flotilla interviewed on Iranian mouthpiece, Press TV, was asked if he was tortured. He replied, “sadly not”.

He describes the thousands of dollars and euros that the IHH were carrying for the Hamas regime.

He describes how when being hailed by the Israeli Navy over the radio, one of the activists replied “Shut up and go back to Auschwitz” and “Don’t forget 9/11”

He describes the shaheed death videos left behind by some activists.

He describes how the UNHCR voted with haste to form a ‘fact-finding body’ to cynically determine Israel’s guilt without even ‘the minimum respect of consulting with Israel’.  The UNHCR would not even contemplate such a process for any other country.

He describes  how half of the resolutions of the UNHCR have been against Israel.

He refers to the hate-speech of June 8th by a Syrian diplomat which was permitted without allowing a response or receiving sanction, or comment, words which would be considered ‘a criminal hate crime outside this hall’.

He describes the ‘obsessive one-sided’ nature of the UNHCR vis-a-vis Israel.

Yes, Leshno gave it to them good but it will make no difference.

If you are interested in what the Syrian delegate said on June 8th this link will tell you. And you will see the response of Hillel Neuer of UN Watch. The blood libels continue. The YouTube video is below if you can bear to watch.