Some are wondering why bombs sent from Yemen intended to explode in mid-air on cargo planes or in passenger planes’ cargo holds were addressed to synagogues in Chicago.

It has also been observed that it is strange that package sent from Islamist Yemen, from where Jews have been eradicated after a continuous presence of about 3000 years, addressed to synagogues in the United States, should not be regarded with suspicion by a single person in the journey from Sana’a to the East Midlands in the UK.

This latter observation is painfully true.

Yet, the reason why the packages were addressed to synagogues in Chicago is blindingly obvious.

We are led to believe that the bombs were to be detonated mid-air, presumably with timing devices.

The destination of the packages is simply a cynical piece of Islamist humour and a dark warning.

Chicago is President Obama’s hometown. And synagogues are where Jews go to pray. Al Qaeda hates Obama and Jews.

For those who believe that political Islam will make peace with the West when the Israel-Palestine conflict is ended, and for those of you who believe that Islam’s beef is with Israel and Zionism, not Jews per se, then you are wrong.

There is a clear message when a bomb is addressed to a synagogue, even if the bomb’s target is the plane carrying this overt message.

The message is a simple one: “We hate Jews and we will come for you wherever you are”.

Not only does this mean that airports and carriers have to step up security and incur increased costs and less profit, but synagogues across the United States have to ramp up security and make life increasingly uncomfortable for the Jewish community with extra security checks, suspicion and even fear.

It’s the nearest Al Qaeda comes to a joke. But they are the only ones laughing.