You may not have noticed that vandals broke into the synagogue on the Greek island of Corfu and burned the most holy items in Judaism, scrolls of the law – Sifrei Torah. This happened at the beginning of the Passover holiday as reported by the Guardian.

In Judaism these hand-written parchment scrolls of the five books of Moses are the focus of synagogue services on the Sabbath and also festivals and twice during the week.

They are the physical manifestation and, therefore, the direct descendants of the Law revealed by G-d to Moses on Mount Sinai. They are Judaism’s most holy ritual objects.

How interesting is it, then, that the renowned World Jewish Conspiracy did not act to enflame the passions of the world Jewish community to demonstrate, to scream bloody murder and to commit acts of unspeakable violence against innocents.

No doubt this act of desecration was as a result of the 100 strong Corfu Jewish community’s support for the ‘Occupation’.

Or maybe 100 Jews is 100 too many to the good people of Corfu.

According to yNetnews the Greek police have arrested 2 suspects with possible links to terror and a similar attack in Crete.

Israelis are being advised that they are potential targets if they visit Greece on cruises, for example, and that the entire Mediterranean basin is potentially hostile to Jews Israelis.