Yesterday, near the Kotel/Western Wall in Jerusalem I was shocked to see several hundred Ethiopian Jews openly celebrating an ancient Passover ritual.

The entire plaza near the Davidson Center was thronged with very well-behaved and very polite African Israelis.

I took several photos which I hope to post when I return home.

How appalling that the Israeli authorities seemed to be totally sanguine to see all these black people mingling with the dominant ‘white’ Israelis in a clear breach of the Apartheid laws.

Even more appalling was the complete mingling of all races and creeds in the Old City on a day when thousands of Jews had arrived to take part in the Blessing of the Priests (Bircat HaCohanim) at the Kotel/Western Wall.

What is Israeli society coming to when such mingling of the races is openly tolerated?

If anyone knows more about the ceremony I witnessed, please let me know.