It’s interesting to note the number of times Israel is accused of being racist whilst its independent judiciary strongly counters these claims.

Case in point reported by the Jerusalem Post

A man who displayed a racist bumper sticker – “No Arabs – No Terror” (in Hebrew of course), and drove with it through the West Bank, has been convicted by Judge Shulamit Dotan for incitement to racism.

“The call ‘No Arabs – no terror’ is tainted with racism because it connects the entire Arab population, without any differentiation among its members, and the execution of heinous terror acts”

This slogan is one already branded by a former attorney-general as an illegal racist incitement. The extreme right-wing group that espouses this nasty cause fall little short of calls for ethnic cleansing and genocide. 

By staunchly upholding the founding principles of the State the judiciary clearly demonstrates that not only is Israel not a racist state but it will not tolerate such egregious views expressed publicly.

Does the reader know of any Arab state that would protect its Jewish citizens from similar outrages? Can’t think of any. Just a minute… nope, not one. In fact, most are engaged in fomenting hatred of Jews and Israel and the destruction of the State and the annihilation of its citizens. The world, meanwhile, focuses firmly on Israel and accuses it of racism and apartheid. Strange world we are living in.