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Israel racist and discriminatory? You judge

I happened upon this video on YouTube.

It is one of a series where the interviewer asks Israelis, and even Palestinians, questions that are frequently asked of Israel, and usually in a negative way.

This video deals with the question: Minorities: Do you feel discrimination in Israel?

It’s very revealing. The interviewer asks Ethiopians, Druze, a ‘Messianic’ Jew, a Japanese, an Indian and others.

Listen carefully to their responses. Many have gripes. They are ISRAELIS! What do you  expect. But the impression I have is that there is racism, discrimination, suspicion and a lot of bureaucracy.

Er, sound like any country you know? Maybe the one you are living in right now.

The overwhelming impression I had was from so many people of so many backgrounds that faced no day-to-day discrimination, racism or abuse. This sounded like a country that was unique in the Middle East, maybe in the whole of Asia. A country considerably less racist than many European countries.

Here it is:

Israelis who don’t like bigots

Videos such as this are not exactly a scientific study of Israeli attitudes to Arabs, but it does show an average group of Israelis who speak out against bigotry.

It’s true that in some sections of Israeli society you might well find a different reaction.

But think what would happen in some countries if an obviously Jewish woman were refused service. What would the reaction be?

I find that such examples show the true face of the majority of Israelis.

Several instances here of surprise and outrage. But, they don’t just berate the proprietor; several actually buy the woman her coffee. Even the woman who doesn’t really want to get involved.

What they are saying is that your behaviour is unacceptable and I’m going to show this woman that she is entitled as any Israeli citizen to be treated equally.

The protests are quite restrained for Israelis but their response to injustice and bigotry is genuine.

I also like the guy who tells of the kindness of an Egyptian woman when he was a child.

I do not kid myself that there is no racism in Israel. In all multi-ethnc, multi-cultural societies there is racism.

Minorities in Israel are often disadvantaged. It is as right for Israel to try to correct that as it is in any country.

I do not claim Israel is any more or less racist than other Western countries, but I reject that it is a uniformly racist state or that its Jews are all racist. You don’t have to spend much time there to realise that, although there are areas and towns which are ethnically uniform, such as Arab villages or religious enclaves, in the cities you see all races and ethnicites mixing.

Israel’s history and its constant insecurity mean that there is an understandable suspicion of certain ethnicities under certain circumstances. There are also blatant instances of racist attitudes in some sections of society, both Jews and Arabs.

There is much to do. And much is being done.

The Final Solution to The Israel Problem

On January 20th 1942 senior Nazis met at a villa on the Wannsee near Berlin to finalise the details of how to murder and dispose of every last European Jew.

In Geneva, Switzerland on April 20th the follow-up to the UN conference on racism held in Durban in 2001, and usually referred to as Durban II, will take place.

The first conference has become infamous for its singling out of Israel in its resolution and the walking out of the Israeli and American delegations after abuse and accusations were hurled at Israel. Zionism was equated with racism and Israel was deemed an Apartheid state.

This time Islamic countries have attempting to focus on the issue of religious defamation in an attempt to protect Islam from any criticism and thus legitimise attempts at free speech in order to uniquely protect Islam and enshrine intolerance as part of the UN charter. At the same time the Organisation of the Islamic Conference (OIC) which has a majority at the conference has focused once again on Israel and attempting to denounce it as racist and confirm the anti-Israel declaration of Durban I.

Several countries have already said they will not take part if the declaration against Israel proceeds.
Today it was announced that several of the draft terms have now been dropped after pre-conference negotiations. It remains to be seen whether the US, Canada and the EU will be mollified by the modified draft. It should be noted that the original Durban I declaration is still on the table to be ratified by in Geneva.

The details are tiresome and disturbing. A caucus of Arab and Muslim states dominate the conference. Libya is to chair the conference. Iran is a vice-chair.

For a conference which is designed to fight intolerance and racism many of the representatives and committee members seem to epitomise religious, sexual and gender intolerance. They are countries without free speech, a free press or free and fair elections. These countries have the temerity to accuse, vilify, demonise and deligitimise Israel where there is universal franchise, freedom of religion, freedom of sexual orientation, a free press and free speech, the latter of which enables Arab Israeli citizens to criticise the state and call for its destruction without fear of prosecution or persecution. Many of these countries, including Egypt and Iran, publish literature, broadcast TV programmes and make political speeches of the vilest anti-Semitic nature, yet it is these countries which accuse Israel of the racist crimes of which they are so blatantly guilty.

So why did I mention the Wannsee conference? It seems to me that under the increasingly irrelevant auspices of the UN, an association of African and Islamic states are attempting to formalise the grounds for the destruction of Israel: a necessary first step towards the elimination of the Jews and the perpetration of a second Holocaust. This is to be achieved by demonisation, deligitimisation, media propaganda, boycotts and, if ever they have the power to do so, military threat. 

The world is splitting and polarising, if it hasn’t already done so, into two camps: the liberal democracies of the West with its supporters and the Islamic states and its supporters. In the middle is Israel, and for a football they use the Palestinian people.

And the politicians in the EU and the US still believe it is all about territory: give the Palestinians a state and all will be well with the world. The politicians believe negotiation, carrots and sticks and self-interest will prevail. They are wrong. The lessons of history, that we were told we have learned, were not learned. We may be moving inexorably toward something terrible.

See Jerusalem Post article by Isi Leibler. This follows up the controversy of the American Jewish Committee’s involvement.

Israeli judiciary says ‘No’ to racism

It’s interesting to note the number of times Israel is accused of being racist whilst its independent judiciary strongly counters these claims.

Case in point reported by the Jerusalem Post

A man who displayed a racist bumper sticker – “No Arabs – No Terror” (in Hebrew of course), and drove with it through the West Bank, has been convicted by Judge Shulamit Dotan for incitement to racism.

“The call ‘No Arabs – no terror’ is tainted with racism because it connects the entire Arab population, without any differentiation among its members, and the execution of heinous terror acts”

This slogan is one already branded by a former attorney-general as an illegal racist incitement. The extreme right-wing group that espouses this nasty cause fall little short of calls for ethnic cleansing and genocide. 

By staunchly upholding the founding principles of the State the judiciary clearly demonstrates that not only is Israel not a racist state but it will not tolerate such egregious views expressed publicly.

Does the reader know of any Arab state that would protect its Jewish citizens from similar outrages? Can’t think of any. Just a minute… nope, not one. In fact, most are engaged in fomenting hatred of Jews and Israel and the destruction of the State and the annihilation of its citizens. The world, meanwhile, focuses firmly on Israel and accuses it of racism and apartheid. Strange world we are living in.