Videos such as this are not exactly a scientific study of Israeli attitudes to Arabs, but it does show an average group of Israelis who speak out against bigotry.

It’s true that in some sections of Israeli society you might well find a different reaction.

But think what would happen in some countries if an obviously Jewish woman were refused service. What would the reaction be?

I find that such examples show the true face of the majority of Israelis.

Several instances here of surprise and outrage. But, they don’t just berate the proprietor; several actually buy the woman her coffee. Even the woman who doesn’t really want to get involved.

What they are saying is that your behaviour is unacceptable and I’m going to show this woman that she is entitled as any Israeli citizen to be treated equally.

The protests are quite restrained for Israelis but their response to injustice and bigotry is genuine.

I also like the guy who tells of the kindness of an Egyptian woman when he was a child.

I do not kid myself that there is no racism in Israel. In all multi-ethnc, multi-cultural societies there is racism.

Minorities in Israel are often disadvantaged. It is as right for Israel to try to correct that as it is in any country.

I do not claim Israel is any more or less racist than other Western countries, but I reject that it is a uniformly racist state or that its Jews are all racist. You don’t have to spend much time there to realise that, although there are areas and towns which are ethnically uniform, such as Arab villages or religious enclaves, in the cities you see all races and ethnicites mixing.

Israel’s history and its constant insecurity mean that there is an understandable suspicion of certain ethnicities under certain circumstances. There are also blatant instances of racist attitudes in some sections of society, both Jews and Arabs.

There is much to do. And much is being done.