Following my previous post and complaint to the BBC ( I am sure they had several) they changed the headline to – wait for it – “Police kill Palestinian motorist”.

I almost wet myself. If it wasn’t so tragic it would be funny. Of course they have to really rub our noses into Israeli disproportion:

A police spokesman said officers shot the man after his car hit three guards, injuring them lightly.

Police responded by firing more than 20 bullets into the windshield

They completely ignore the fact that the car or the man or both may have been booby-trapped and full of explosives. This is the problem with such reporting: people outside Israel just do not realise what police and the IDF have to contend with every day. Are they trigger happy? No. But why should they take any chances when history has shown them that a moment’s hesitation could cost them their life. As in Gaza, so in Israel. It’s a tragedy, but one imposed by a series of ruthless, suicidal assaults. This could have been the next one. Do not US soldiers in Iraq do likewise? Did not UK soldiers in Basra and still in Helmand?

But for the BBC this is little short of murder. Either they don’t understand or they don’t wish to.

Two other attacks by Palestinians using bulldozers have been carried out since Hussam Dwayat’s death, though no Israelis were killed in these later incidents.

And so as with Hamas rockets, so with bulldozer attacks. If they kill no-one then it’s all right because they didn’t intend to kill anyone. Duh! BBC logic.

The bulldozers failed because of the vigilance of Israelis not because they were intended to cause a little mischief.