Fascinating little piece recently from the Elder of Ziyon revealing where, allegedly, much of the aid destined for the people of Gaza ends up in the hands of Hamas.

The article refers to Viva Palestina and George Galloway:

In June, a Gazan reporter noted that the only new cars in Gaza at the time – those brought by the Viva Palestina convoy – were being driven by Hamas members only, as a perk. Yet Viva Palestina claimed they were going to be used for critical infrastructure and medical needs.

And in July, there were Arabic language reports that the Al Qassam Brigades went into Ismail Haniyeh’s office and took all the cash aid that Viva Palestina brought into Gaza!
(Elder’s emphasis)

Every day dozens of trucks filled with humanitarian aid enter Gaza from Israel. Do we know if this aid actually reaches its intended recipients? Or does it fall into the hands of the rulers of Gaza in the same way that it appears some or, much or even all the aid brought by so-called humanitarian aid groups does?

As the Elder says, where are the protests from the ‘aid’ organisations about the fate of their humanitarian supplies? Or does this just expose the truth about such convoys and flotillas that they care more for the propaganda of ‘breaking the blockade’ and ingratiating themselves with terrorists than they do about Gazans.