… and cannot even manage to get round a table to talk peace, their people are getting on with the business of life.

Elder of Ziyon has reported that Israel is outsourcing computer software development to Palestinians.

The cultural gap is much smaller than we would think,” said Gai Anbar, chief executive of Comply, an Israeli start-up in this central Israeli town that develops software for global pharmaceutical companies like Merck and Teva.


Palestinian engineers have also warmed up to the idea. “I doubt you would find a company who says, ‘I am closed for business'” to Israelis, said Ala Alaeddin, chairman of the Palestinian Information Technology Association.

An interesting comment. As the Elder points out, the BDS movement (Boycott, Divestment, Sanctions) is keen to make Israel uniquely evil among the nations of the world in order to further the delegitimisation project. But, if Palestinians don’t support BDS, what right do they have to push their agenda?

The Palestinian leadership is still stuck in its rejectionist rut, dreaming of the day Israel will disappear.

Surely the future is in the hands of ordinary people who can live together, work together, assist and educate each other and defeat the sterile politics of hate that the Palestinian leadership is so bent upon.

A Palestinian state which has made real peace with Israel would quickly prosper and benefit the entire region. Israel is a world leader in IT and there is huge potential.

Small initiatives such as this can grow and bring increased prosperity to the Palestinians and prosperity may bring a new reality where violence and hate is replaced by dialogue and compromise, on both sides.