As I predicted, it is not Israel who has stopped the Viva Palestina aid convoy, as Tony Benn originally tried to imply would be the case, but Egypt.

The convoy has been stopped at Al Arish about 25 miles from Rafah.

One wonders why the world insists that is Israel and Israel alone who is penning in the Gazans when there is a border with Egypt which is rarely mentioned because it does not conform to their preconceptions and prejudices.

It is puzzling why Muslims would prevent aid reaching fellow-Muslims in Gaza. In fact, all along the way as they have passed through North Africa they have been stopped more than once.

But listen to this folks – the Viva Palestina Facebook page is now saying that the Egyptians want the convoy to pass through an Israeli crossing. Wouldn’t that be a great propaganda disaster for George Galloway; having the Israelis allowing in an aid convoy! Unthinkable.

The page reports:

During the day new obstacles have been placed in the path of the convoy passing into Gaza via the Rafar(sic)  crossing – to the amazement and disbelief of everyone involved.

‘Amazement and disbelief’ – so an enlightening time for them into the realpolitik of the region.